Install Riot on iOS

Quickly enjoy freedom using a Matrix powered chat app!

1. Search the app

Search for the app in Apple Store.

2. Install the app

Download and install the Riot app

3. Open the app

When the installation is finished, open the app

4. Create a new account

Tap the Register button on the top right to start creating your account.

The app will switch to an account registration view

5. Custom Server

Tap the "Use custom server options (advanced) and tap the "create account" button.

6. Change url

Enter your desired username (emmy in the example), and your desired password twice.

Change the Home Server URL to

7. Enter email

You will be asked to provide an email address (for password resets). You can leave this blank, but then save your password somewhere carefully as it can not be recovered without email address.

8. Succes

If the account creation has been successful, you should see a screen like this

A (chat)room is a virtual space you can join to conversate with others.

The "lobby" room on this server is only used for general announcements regarding the server itself.

  • Author: thomas
  • Date: May 12, 2020