Reliable IT infrastructure

We design, implement and operate highly reliable IT infrastructure.

We have experienced building private clouds infrastructure from zero.

You can count on us for

  • Networking
    • firewalling
    • DNS (domain names, privacy)
    • VPN
  • Server operations
    • bare metal (on your premises)
    • public clouds (AWS, GCP, OpenStack, ..)
    • private clouds (own recipe)
  • Backup and Security
    • risk analysis
    • storage management
    • focus on fast recovery
  • Shared services
    • IAM (identity and access management)
    • email and (video)chat
    • team collaboration (documents, calendars,..)
    • integrate advanced business tools (ERP/CRM/..)

Shared Infrastructure

Not every business needs the whole lot. That's why we manage a shared infrastructure that you can rely on, so you don't need to spend millions managing your own.

The specific services we operate and share with our customers are for example

  • encryption of outgoing DNS requests (for added privacy)
  • in and out going SPAM and virus scanning for email
  • monitoring services

We will continue to improve and add more services in the future.

Your Data

This day and age, your personal and business data is a high value good.

With you have the choice to take back control over your data without compromising on user experience.



We are happy to listen to your story and help you to tackle any IT problem.

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