IT Operations as a Service

Our mission is to help you to make the most out of your digital business applications, every day.

We are a small yet passionate team that works hard to deliver you the best IT service possible.

We have three modes of operation, that all affect each other in some way:

Infrastructure mode: our engineers operate our networks behind the scenes.

Support mode: our support managers are here to assist you and your colleagues with any IT related request.

Innovation mode:  our IT consultants help you to realise new ideas that grow your business.


We help you oversee an maintain all aspects of your IT infrastructure easily. We help you identify possible problems and solve them sustainably.

A stable WiFi network, an effective spam shield and secure file sharing cloud are just some of the elements that every serious business infrastructure needs.


VIP Support

It's important that you can focus on your work with interruption, therefore we are easily reachable for assistance.

Whether you lost a file or your colleague has a bluescreen, just give us a quick call, mail or message.


A free IT analysis

We also have expensive ones, yet as a "promo", we offer to visit your preferred office to take a few short tests.

  1. A personal interview to understand how IT supports your business. And how it might not, at the moment.
  2. A basic SME security scan with instant result.
  3. A shortlist of priorities get better IT performance faster.

This free analysis takes 1 - 2 hours.

An expensive one includes paper reports and takes around 1 day per customer site ( physical and virtual ).

Request your free IT analysis

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