MAPECO, for craftsmen nothing but the best


With presence in three belgian municipalities, Mapeco is a growing retailer that provides professional tools to craftsmen.

the problem

The Mapeco management asked us to conduct an audit because of recurring performance issues. They also had questions regarding their IT infrastructure expenses and maintenance.

our solution has made an extensive inventory of Mapeco its IT assets. We analyzed the local infrastructure, measured network performance and looked at the cloud environment configuration. We compared our results to the history of IT expenses and made those expenses more transparent by organizing them into logical categories (hardware, software, licencing,...).


With the help of our audit we revealed several areas for improvement, whereupon directed actions could seriously improve performance.

  • We discoverd that network speed could be speeded up 5 times, without the need for extra investments.
  • We discovered that available storage could be used twice as efficient, only by reorganizing datamanagement. This would also improve stability of the cloud environment significantly.
  • We designed a roadmap for the future, enabling an annual IT costs saving of 20%, through smarter investments in IT infrastructure and services. These smart investments would even imply an infrastructure better than the current quality!

feedback helped us to see the wood for the trees again. Their extensive analysis was clear and understandable for entrepreneurs that don't have a specialized IT background. Thanks to the analysis we were able to save costs and improve performance, without having to switch IT suppliers. In short, excellent! - Eline Verhees, Executive

Thanks to our audit, Mapeco can stay focussed for its core-business: supplying craftsmen with excellent products. The work enjoyment of personnel increases, since long lasting IT problems are finally getting solved. At the same time it can improve its customer service through an optimized IT infrastructure with the help of their dedicated IT supplier.