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Discover all about the IT services we provide. continu.online provides you with important insights about your current IT environment and helps you to translate those into successful projects to improve security or migrate to the cloud. This way your business always has the latest and greatest IT environment.

IT Helpdesk

The support team is always stand-by to help you and your coworkers with small and large IT problems.

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Managed Services

We permanently manage the whole IT park for you. The stability of your IT environment is our priority.

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Digital Workplace

Collaborate on project easily with cloud aps. We help you to choose the best apps for your business.

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Cloud Consultancy

What is the difference between Azure and AWS? What is a private cloud? We help you answer any cloud question.

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An IT partner who speaks your language

Of course you want the best internet, a secure company network and perfect cloud services. But how do you translate that into a technical plan, and how secure is secure exactly?

continu.online helps you to correctly assess the situation of your company and makes proposals for targeted improvements in the IT infrastructure. In this way your company gets an increasingly reliable IT infrastructure, which not only benefits security, but also ease of use for your employees and customers.

Each company has a unique situation, which is why we do not commit ourselves to one specific solution. Does your company already have an automated backup? Does your team already use a password management app? Do you receive (too) many spam messages? For these and many other situations we help your company to find a suitable solution.


IT Managers sleep better

continu.online helps IT managers with limited resources sleep better. No more worries about monitoring, maintenance and extinguishing fires. With continu.online you can dream about that new innovative technology project!

Teams are more productive

If you collaborate with continu.online everyone works better together. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of communication and cloud apps, your team always has the best tools available!

Optimal Cyber Security

Security is not just a matter of technology, and we help your employees to substantially increase your company's cyber security with smart adjustments to their technology hygiene.

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