Backup as a Service

As a company, you want to make sure nothing can interrupt your business operations. We got you covered! We create and operate backup systems that are ready for any challenge.

What is Backup as a Service?

If you sign up for Backup as a Service we manage all the aspects of your business continuity plan. Not just the actual backup (copying files from A to B), but also the planning, maintenance and potential emergency response.

Systems and Data

A backup of your business data is always a good thing to start with. But what with the configuration data of your systems? To ensure business continuity we help you to backup the essiential parts of any system, so you win valuable recovery time.

Safe storage

After identifying your assests we set up automatic jobs to create snapshots from every device to the NAS. Before sending your data to the cloud, it gets encrypted with a strong AES cipher.

Business continuity

When a system fails, it sometimes takes a while to recover, even if you had a backup of the business data. We are experts in providing temporary solutions and workarounds, so the business doesn't have to wait for the full recovery.

Nextcloud web and mobile apps

We offer Nextcloud to connect your mobile devices with the NAS. It has a userfriendly interface and auto-backup function.

24/7 emergency response

For Backup as a Service customers we keep a special line open 24/7. Because if you have data loss, you want it back as soon as possible.

On-site and off-site

We can provide 98% of our service remotely, but that does not prevent us from planning a visit if the situation requires it.

Business Continuity Plan

We assist you in developing a sound business continuity plan, so that when disaster strikes, it only takes a few clicks to recover.

What is a Business Continuity Plan?

The most important thing in business is to keep moving. So you must be prepared for events that potentially disrupt your business.

A BCP can be different depending on the business context, but in general it involves the folowing key elements:

  • Possible threats, from ransomeware to a coffee spill
  • Inventory of the systems that need to be protected from possible threats
  • Backup plan (frequency, retention, fault-tolerance level)
  • Recovery plan (RTO, RPO)

Our BCP blueprint is perfect for a small business that needs a quick and reliable solution to ensure continuity.


Backups are for everyone

Whether you need to backup a little or a lot, our service is suitable for any size of business.

To give you an idea we prepared three packages to choose from.

Do you need a professional backup? Then immediately get in touch with Ward!