Understand your current environment

IT is not simple. When there's a lack of understanding of IT mechanics, solutions might not be really solutions and sometimes even worsenen things.

We can help you to develop a decent understanding of your environment and a sane IT strategy to tackle current and future challenges.

Because our typical clients don't have the budget or time to invest in an oversized, never executed and way to complex cyber strategy, we base our strategic work on three pillars:

  • security
  • support
  • innovation

All aspects of a realistic and effective IT strategy are covered by these 3 areas and a "non-digital" business that is starting its "digital transformation" will first have to get its security plan right, before it start innovation projects, and so on.

Security: first things first

There's more to security than hacking. Randsomeware is a real threat, but as a business owner you should also be prepared for ordinary data-loss due to coffee spills or careless employees.


Support: ensuring continuïty

When business is blocked, money is lost. Today, most common cause of "a blocked" business are related to the IT environment. Our aim is to detect and resolve any issue before it can block your business.


Innovation: live the future

With a secure IT environment that has proven its reliability, you will want to explore the opportunities of digital transformation. Whether you want to do business online (e-commerce), facilitate business processes in a modern, digital way (ERP,..) or do something completely new, we help you make it happen.


A free IT analysis

We also have expensive ones, yet as a "promo", we offer to visit your preferred office to take a few short tests.

  1. A personal interview to understand how IT supports your business. And how it might not, at the moment.
  2. A basic SME security scan with instant result.
  3. A shortlist of priorities get better IT performance faster.

This free analysis takes 1 - 2 hours.

An expensive one includes paper reports and takes around 1 day per customer site ( physical and virtual ).

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